Parish Buying CollecTin® More (No SumUp 205 / 215 / 515)
Parish Buying CollecTin® More (No SumUp 205 / 215 / 515)
Parish Buying CollecTin® More (No SumUp 205 / 215 / 515)

Parish Buying CollecTin® More (No SumUp 205 / 215 / 515)

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PLEASE NOTE: This product is for Parish Buying members only (an initiative from the Church of England).

The CollecTin® More is the simplest way to collect contactless donations or payments. 

What's Included

With the CollecTin® More you can accept donations by contactless card, mobile pay or chip & PIN. The touchscreen interface is fully customisable and responsive, allowing the donor to choose how much they want to give. The stand allows for both handheld and static use, alongside the optional security lock kit to keep your donations safe on the counter. Each CollecTin® More can access the network through local WiFi or a SIM can be inserted for 3G connectivity. 

Each CollecTin® More also comes with a removable rechargeable battery, a lanyard, and a charging cable. An unactivated SIM card is included, which you can choose to use if you wish.  It is a multi network card from Daisy Communications and 500 mb per month costs £42+VAT for 12 months. We also now include a licensed copy of the Fully Kiosk App, which enables you to lockdown the CollecTin and prevent anyone changing settings or leaving the donation screen.

IMPORTANT:  SumUp AIR reader not included. This CollecTin More unit is compatible with SumUp Air1E205 / AIR1E215 / AIR1E515.

Running on Battery Only
Our new 4G A12 model CollecTin More has an upgraded chip and more modern version of android for a smoother donation experience and it is thus using the battery faster. When fully charged (SumUp, tablet & booster battery in handle) they are expected to run for about 5-6 hours depending on context.

To run your CollecTin More off mains power you can add a Cable for Static Installation or have it included when purchasing a CollecTin More bundle with Secure Mount.

Transaction fees are the special rates agreed with SumUp by Parish Buying. All the premium features such as images, video and Gift Aid are normally charged from £7.50+VAT per month but are free of charge for Parish Buying customers.

A secure mount is available to attach the CollecTin More to a wall or counter top.