Contactless for Charities

Supercharge your card reader with our Contactless Fundraising Kits for Charities

Fully Mobile

Each CollecTin® can use a swappable rechargeable lithium battery so you can collect for longer.

Fully Contactless

Our system allows seamless continual contactless donations, so you can collect in the busiest places.

Fully Flexible

If donors don’t have or want to use their card contactlessly, just open the lid for a chip & pin donation.


CollecTin® is a Contactless Point of Donation accessory that simplifies donations and increases trust. It contains your choice of Bluetooth mPOS reader and comes wrapped with your branding. Inside is clever internal handle and boost battery.

CollecTin® is compatible with

CollecTin® More

CollecTin® More is a self-contained Contactless Point of Donation with a 7″ screen. It contains a reader and tablet with Wifi and 4G. The app is easily customised with amounts. Engage donors and say thank you with images and video. It can collect GiftAid in the UK.

CollecTin®More is compatible with

Collect More Contactless and Card Donations for your Charity with CollecTin®

With CollecTin®More + SumUp Air you can accept

Designed and Assembled in the UK

In 2015 we designed and made the first CollecTin® at our London studio, with the aim of making contactless donations more straightforward and preparing charities for a cashless future. At CollecTin we believe in creating sustainable and inclusive products, and are committed to working closely with charities to make ever more effective ways to collect donations