Contactless for Charities your way

Collect more contactless and card donations for your charity with CollecTin®


Each CollecTin® can use a swappable rechargeable lithium battery so you can collect for longer.


With our secure mount, you can attach your CollecTin to a wall or countertop

Contactless and Chip & PIN

If donors don’t have or want to use their card contactlessly, just open the lid for a chip & pin donation.

Designed and Assembled in the UK

In 2015 we designed and made the worlds first mobile contactless donation device at our London studio, with the aim of making contactless donations more straightforward and preparing charities for a cashless future. Today we are still as enthusiastic and committed to helping charities make that transition, and seize the opportunity from contactless, with our third and fourth generations of products. 1,000's of CollecTin's now collect millions of Pounds and Euro's a year and we're so proud to be helping fund such vital work. At CollecTin we believe in creating sustainable and inclusive products, and work closely with charities to make ever more effective ways to collect donations


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