Wil-U’s mission is to provide innovative technology that revolutionises how communities connect with charities. Working in close cooperation with CollecTin, Wil-U have developed the latest and most advanced software for contactless donations that works seamlessly from the smallest to the largest charities. Wil-U’s solution is built around 3 key principles to help you maximise your fundraising:

Simplicity - Each device arrives pre-configured and ready to work out of the box with the set up you have chosen.  The intuitive design ensures it couldn’t be easier for your donors, fundraisers and administrators to use.

Flexibility - Configure each and every device as you want, to maximise the fundraising potential at each and every location.

Control - Every aspect of your devices can be controlled from your own web-based control centre, meaning you can configure and manage all your devices wherever they are as well as seeing how they are performing through its sophisticated dashboards and reports.

 Wil-U’s software also includes the most automated Gift Aid solution taking care of every aspect, from maximising donor sign up to fully automated gift aid claims, all designed to help you maximise your income with the minimum of admin.

CollecTin Plus + Zettle