Original CollecTin for Stripe

Original CollecTin for Stripe

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CollecTin® for Stripe Wisepad 3 customers. The simplest way to collect contactless donations.  You'll need a phone or tablet nearby, running an app, on which you enter the donation amount when someone is ready to give, or pre-load one donation amount for a repeat transaction feature.

Each CollecTin® comes with a custom wrap that you can design with your own brand and message.  After your purchase we'll send you an Adobe Illustrator template for you to customise.  If you'd prefer us to design the wrap for you, please also purchase the Wrap Design Service.

When using your Stripe reader with the Onvi app, you can set up a repeat payment feature. This means you can set one amount and will not need to open the app every time someone wants to donate.

Your CollecTin® package includes printing and applying your custom wrap, three donation amount panels, battery and a lanyard. 

Stripe Wisepad 3 reader not included.

 NOTE: The photo on this listing is a placeholder only featuring a SumUp model. Photos for the Stripe version are not yet available as this is a new product not yet brought to market.