Why we've added the CollecTin Plus to our range

Wil-U logo

We've worked with Zettle for years on our original CollecTin.  They actually built the repeat transaction facility, at our suggestion, at a 'hackathon' in Stockholm about 5 years ago.  So we were interested when they suggested we meet Wil-U, who were keen to expand their services for charity shops, into contactless donations.

After meeting them many times, being really impressed with the quality of their charity shop software and really liking them and their ethos (they are employee owned and specialise in working with charities), we decided to collaborate to build the CollecTin Plus.  

We think this is going to bring some really big advantages for our customers as:

1. It brings in the support and fulfilment capabilities of a larger partner, who specialise in charities

2. We have worked very closely in collaboration with Wil-U to build software from the ground-up:

  • so that units can be completely controlled and managed from a central website - users on the ground don't need so much training, as there's little on the unit itself to change.
  • enables full customisation of the 'ask' and 'thank you screens' to harness the creativity of charities.  You decide how many suggested amount you have, where they go, what they look like, and if there's other info or options you want to give donors.
  • It not only offers donors the chance to Gift Aid their donation, but then automatically claims it from HMRC on your behalf and sends you the funds.

3. It expands the range of payment providers / card readers - we know that setting up accounts with new providers can be harder for larger charities who need to provide copies of Trustees personal ID's.

4. It provides a 'one-stop shop', or 'full-service' solution in many ways:

  • Wil-U have a secure 'shell', which is pre-loaded onto the units, so that the control of them can be entirely centrally managed
  • Wil-U arrange and manage the SIM card and data if required, so you don't need to contract with a third party
  • Wil-U are supporting both the hardware and software of the CollecTin plus, so there's just a single contact number and email for any issues if they arise.

We're really excited to add the CollecTin Plus to our range, do get in touch if you'd like to find out more.