Stripe to donate – New ways to donate with CollecTin® More.

There are now even more ways to donate with the Stripe payment processing platform joining the CollecTin® More family.

Our new CollecTin More for Stripe unit comes with a Stripe Wisepad 3 reader and gives charities several much-awaited benefits. 

  • Offline Donations are now available, so donations can be made when there is no internet connection and be processed when back online.
  • Recurring Monthly Donations are now easy to set up to allow donors to give monthly.
  • A Give and Go option allows charities to collect a set donation amount and tap and pay without interaction – ideal for busy events.

This CollecTin More unit comes preinstalled with the popular Give a Little fundraising software. This allows charities to offer six pre-set donation amounts and an option for the donor to choose their own. Charities can create customised campaigns with their branding (images and/ or video) displayed on the built-in tablet screen. Additionally, the Give A Little software supports features such as, collection of Gift Aid collection and donor marketing communications opt-in.

With it’s rechargeable battery pack and secure wall or desk mount, CollecTin More can be used portably or in a fixed location. It also includes a licensed copy of the Fully Kiosk app, which locks down your CollecTin More to prevent anyone from changing settings or leaving the donation screen. Each CollecTin More can access the network through local WiFi or a SIM card for 4G connectivity.

Charities have the option to connect their CollecTin More to an existing Stripe account or take advantage of a market-leading low transaction fee of 1.58% (UK) through sign-up with Give A Little Stripe. 

Our CollecTin More with Give and Little and Stripe comes with:

  • CollecTin More Collection Box
  • Integrated Android Tablet
  • Stripe Wisepad 3 reader
  • Removable rechargeable battery and charging cable
  • 3 m cable for static installation
  • Lanyard
  • Unactivated SIM card

You can learn more about CollecTin More with Give a Little and Stripe in our shop.

To request a copy of our CollecTin comparison brochure, or if you have any other queries then contact us today.