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Q Where do I buy a CollecTin More?

A In our shop here

Q Where do I buy an extra battery?

A In our shop here

In Use

Q How do I take a chip and PIN transaction?

A Just lift the lid and insert the card into the slot in the card reader, then type the PIN into the reader

Q How do I secure the CollecTin unit if I want to use it statically i.e on a tabletop or at a checkout.

A The unit can be locked to any secure object with a Kensington lock which locks into the slot on the right hand side of the base.  For extended periods of use it’s easiest to plug in the battery directly to a usb cable too.  We can also supply a secure version of the CollecTin More which cannot be dismantled

Q How do I charge the CollecTin More?

A Plug the usb cable into the base of the battery, whilst it is inserted in the handle.  This will charge the battery, tablet and SumUp reader.  Leave for about 8hours for a full charge.

Q How do I cancel a transaction?

A Open the lid of the CollecTin More and press the power button on the right hand side of the Sum Up reader for 1 second.

Q How do I give a receipt after the transaction has completed?

A You can log into the SumUp website, find the transaction and you can email the donor a receipt


My CollecTin More won’t turn on

Try charging the battery overnight, with the battery inserted into the handle of the unit.  If that doesn’t work open the back of the unit as described here and check the cable is still plugged securely into the top of the tablet

I’m not sure how to know whether it is working

Log into your SumUp account here and check the transactions are showing

SumUp Issues

Where can I get support for my SumUp?

Log into and navigate to Support on the left hand side menu.

Give-A-Little App Issues

I’m having trouble using or updating the Give-A -Little app

A Please read the App’s FAQ on their website here or  Contact Give A Little here

CollecTin Hardware Issues

 I have hardware issue and either the Tablet or Battery will not turn on, or I have a charging issue.

 Please contact us about CollecTin hardware issues here

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